Sharp MX-DE12 Paper Tray

FOR MX-3640N MX-M364N MX-M365N MX-M464N MX-M465N

US $300.00

Brand new Sharp MX-DE12 paper trays,
fits the following models;

  • SHARP MX-DE12 new in boxSharp MX-2310U
  • Sharp MX-2610N
  • Sharp MX-2615N
  • Sharp MX-2616N
  • Sharp MX-2640N
  • Sharp MX-3110N
  • Sharp MX-3111U
  • Sharp MX-3115N
  • Sharp MX-3116N
  • Sharp MX-3140N
  • Sharp MX-3610N
  • Sharp MX-3640N
  • Sharp MX-M364N
  • Sharp MX-M365N
  • Sharp MX-M464N
  • Sharp MX-M465N
  • Sharp MX-DE12
  • Sharp MX-M564N
  • Sharp MX-M565N

Please reach out to us for wholesale offer.
Any questions contact,

Sales & Purchasing
Shneour Heintz
Phone: 570.602.1640


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SHARP MX-DE12 trayWhether you are interested in buying 1, or an container full of Sharp MX-DE12 paper trays the staff at Town Business Center looks forward to assisting you every step of the way.

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Sharp MX-DE12 Paper Tray for sale …

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