If you’re looking for copier distributors and wholesalers in your area Town Business Center is that company.

Selling your used copier should be a hassle-free experience. After all, you need to ramp up your copier speed with a brand-new copier as fast as possible. If you’re ready to sell my used copy machine to a trusted copier dealer who will give you the best deal, contact us today! Our reliable delivery services operate throughout the United States. With our group of experienced technicians and all of our equipment onsite, we have the ability to fully test and detail all of our machines prior to loading them for shipment. All of our machines are delivered with freight providers who deal exclusively in office equipment, and all equipment is wrapped and protected before shipment. We deliver all of our equipment C.O.D. giving you the ability to check out the equipment before making the purchase.

Copier Distributors and Wholesalers

Copier Distributors and Wholesalers

We are one of the nation’s largest buyers of used copiers and commercial printers. Looking to Sell My Used Copy Machine? We buy used copiers like, Xerox, Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, and Toshiba copiers and printers.

We buy thousands of used copiers every month because we are a Copier Distributors and Wholesalers and we pay cash for your used copier, plus we will take care of all the transportation and expenses for you, phone; 570.602.1640.

Town Business Center is an expert in data destruction.
After we receive a used copy machine the data in that copy machine is destroyed. You can sell your copy machines to Town Business Center with the assurance that your sensitive company data will be destroyed and at the same time getting cash back while knowing we recycled 100% of your copiers! We guarantee that your data will be destroyed before your used copy machine is resold. We use United States Department of Defense approved data destruction software on all our used copy machines before it is resold.

Copier Distributors and Wholesalers Near Me.