We Buy Used Copiers and Sell Used Copiers

Town Business Center will buy used copiers for cash. Our sales representatives will be certain to explain our copier auditing procedures with you so that you get both an accurate representation and a detailed understanding of the copier(s) you are purchasing. Our Inventory is online and upon your request one of our professional sales team will send you our daily arrivals via email. We receive used copiers daily, so our inventory is always being replenished with recent models. Our dealers and exporters have come to expect excellent quality used copiers.

We will buy used copiers for top dollar and pick up your copier for free.

Buy Used Copiers

Ricoh CopiersCanon CopiersSharp CopiersKyocera CopiersXerox Copiers are some of the used copiers we purchase and pickup!

Whether you are interested in buying 1, 5, or an container full of copiers or printers the staff at Town Business Center looks forward to assisting you every step of the way.

Contact us at your earliest convenience and we will be happy to help you with all your used copier needs, 570.602.1640.

Looking to Buy Used Copiers or Used Business Machines?

Town Business Center is one of the top wholesaler for used copiers and printers throughout the United States, Canada and Internationally. We buy all major brands of used business machines. Most of our used copier inventory is current models with very low meter readings. We reliably carries on average 3000 – 6000 used business machines in our used copier inventory.

Check out our selection of both used and refurbished copiers, used business machines, used office-grade copiers, printers, scanners, MFP’s and faxes!

Town Business Center pioneered the practice of remanufacturing, reusing and the recycling of copiers, business machines, office-grade copiers, printers, scanners, MFP’s, wide format printers and fax machines.

Notice that we don’t stick to just one brand but carry a wide variety of used business machines from numerous manufacturers. At Town Business Center our professionals are a knowledgeable team of sales specialist, technicians and business consultants. We can help you choose the model and brand of used copier based on service records and the low cost of maintenance. Ricoh CopiersCanon CopiersSharp CopiersKyocera CopiersXerox Copiers are some of the used copiers we will give you an Used Copier Quote on today!


Buy Used Copiers

We Buy Used Copy Machines