Lightly used wholesale copiers available at great prices. Ricoh – Sharp – Toshiba – Xerox and more. Need Used Wholesale Copiers

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  • 1 Kip 7170K (85K)
  • 2 Ricoh MP4055 (110K & 134K)
  • 3 Ricoh MP7503 (60K, 268K & 292K)
  • 1 Ricoh MPC2004 (43K)
  • 11 Ricoh MPC3004 (4K, 62K, 75K, 91K, 100K, 119K, 123K, 129K, 142K, 144K & 175K)
  • 5 Ricoh MPC4504 (162K, 164K, 171K, 174K & 221K)
  • 1 Ricoh MPC4504EX (182K)
  • 1 Ricoh MPC6003 (59K)
  • 1 Ricoh MPC6004 (65K)
  • 2 Sharp MX3070N (117K & 129K)
  • 1 Sharp MX3071 (105K)
  • 7 Sharp MX4070N (114K, 121K, 137K, 138K, 145K, 162K, 164K)
  • 1 Sharp MX6070N (107K)
  • 4 Sharp MXM365 (43K, 86K, 107K & 108K)
  • 7 Sharp MXM4050 (14K, 67K, 71K, 136K 149K, 162K & 168K)
  • 1 Sharp MXM465 (124K)
  • 1 Toshiba e2505AC (NEW in the box)
  • 1 Toshiba e2508A (125K)
  • 2 Toshiba e4505AC (147K & 171K)
  • 1 Toshiba e4508A (89K)
  • 1 Toshiba e5506AC (81K)
  • 1 Xerox Altalink C8045 NEW? (90 copies)
  • 2 Xerox Altalink C8045 (140K & 214K)

Used Wholesale Copiers – If you’re selling used copiers or printers, you’ve come to the right place.

Used Wholesale Copiers

Used Wholesale Copiers

We are one of the nation’s Used Wholesale Copiers buyer, largest buyers of business machines, office machines, copy machines, used copiers and commercial printers. We buy used copiers like, XeroxCanonSharpRicoh, and Toshiba copiersPrinter Wide Format and Printers. TBC Copiers will help you answer the question, “what do we do with old business machines?” We buy used copiers, commercial copiers, printers, scanners, printing pressed and many different of office equipment. Our Experts Will Do the Work – So You Don’t Have To. Get the best price for your used copy machines and used business printers in the USA and Canada. We offer top dollar for all brands of used copiers. Sell your used copier today! Unlike the competition, when Town Business Center buys your copier(s) we will then pick them up for FREE from any location in the United States and Lower Canada. We will also take care of all the shipping details, including packing, scheduling, shipping method, and logistics. All of our clients want their used copiers picked up as soon as possible and we will typically pickup your copier near me the same week as we agreed to purchase them.

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