What are the top models of copiers and do you stock them are questions Town Business Center gets asked daily. We then ask questions of you to make sure you are getting the top models of copiers we have. Some of the questions we ask are;

  • Are you considering a used black and white or a used color copier?
  • How many used copiers are you considering?
  • What is your estimated used copy volume?
  • What types of paper do you need your used copier to handle?
  • How many paper trays will your used copier need?
  • When do you anticipate making a decision?
  • How would you best describe your business?
  • Are you interested in any additional features for your used copier?
  • What’s your email address?
  • Tell us about your company.

Top Models of Copiers
Ricoh Copiers, Canon Copiers, Sharp Copiers, Kyocera Copiers, Xerox Copiers are some of the Top Models of Copiers we have in stock!

Sell us your top models of copiers
We will pick up your used copier for FREE at your office, home, warehouse or anywhere in in the USA or Canada.

We understand you are looking to sell your used office copier as soon as possible. We have fast, efficient and professional drivers that will meet your schedule. Town Business Center is one of the leaders in buying and selling used copier in the USA and Canada.

We buy thousands of used copiers every month and we pay cash for your used copier, plus we will take care of all the transportation and expenses for you, phone; 570.602.1640.

Top Models of Copiers

We Have The Top Models of Copiers

Town Business Center is an expert in data destruction on all top models of copiers.
After we receive a used copy machine the data in that copy machine is destroyed. You can sell your copy machines to Town Business Center with the assurance that your sensitive company data will be destroyed and at the same time getting cash back while knowing we recycled 100% of your copiers! We guarantee that your data will be destroyed before your used copy machine is resold. We use United States Department of Defense approved data destruction software on all our used copy machines before it is resold.

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One of our priority as a copier recycle company is to provide a fast turnaround on your used copiers, with our focus on maximizing ROI on Top Models of Copiers.

We Buy Used Copy Machines