Looking for Used Copier Re-Marketing companies in your area? At TBC Copiers we provide used copier re-marketing services for international, national and regional leasing companies too.

Looking for Used Remarketing Copiers in your area the will help you with Remarketing your leased copiers? TBC Copiers provides used copier re-marketing services for international, national and regional leasing companies. Our areas of expertise include all major brands of used copiers and wide format printing machines. We value our relationships with all of our leasing partners and strive to continuously serve as the best in the business. At Town Business Center we buy copiers from leasing companies, however our most common role is to remarket your off-lease machines.

For Copier Exporters

  • Remarketing, Warehousing, Equipment Auditing and Transportation Logistics Services.
  • Town Business Center is an exporter of used copiers, shipping them around the world. We have a database of reputable local freight forwarders we can recommend, or you can use one of your own forwarders.
Used Copier Re-Marketing

Used Copier Re-Marketing

What we do is extend the life of your copier assets by facilitating sales transactions that obtain the highest market values. We keep a small percentage of the proceeds and send you the remainder to cover your booked residual. TBC Copiers has the privilege to work alongside some of the very best leasing companies throughout the USA.

The Remarketing Copiers Advantage:

  • Fast and accurate reporting.
  • Inventory management & reporting.
  • Distribution with a large network of buyers.

Prompt and timely payment of proceeds at pickup.

Used Copier Re-Marketing

Recycling is the goal of our Green Initiative is to re-use or re-purpose 100% of the used copier, computer, printer and its related equipment or accessories. E-waste is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. waste stream, increasing by 8% every year, that’s why it’s extremely important to keep copiers out of our landfills.

Used copier recycling can have a positive impact on our environment.