Town Business Center has like new copier inventory in stock with great deals and fast delivery! Are you a business with a small budget and do you need a copier at a great price? If you’re like most businesses your copy machines plays an important role in your day-to-day business operations. If your copier breaks, you need to replace it fast. Unfortunately, your company might not have the money for a brand new copy machine. That’s why buying a used copiers could be your best choice! Check out our blog for the latest features and updates on office copiers, digital copy machines, wide format printers and copiers and much more.

At TBC Copiers we rely on copier dealers throughout the United States and Canada to provide us with much of our like new copier inventory. We export most of the used copiers to third world countries across six continents where they seem to prefer used copiers more than their newer counterpart. Please send us your wholesale copier list as often as you wish, and we promise to get you an immediate price quote.

Like New Copier Inventory

You will find our staff very friendly to work with and we promise fast payment and pick up of your like new copier inventory.

Save money and help save the environment with a like new copier inventory

Ricoh’s ENERGY STAR®-rated products offer the economic benefit of energy efficiency without sacrificing performance. Our equipment features energy-saving options like Sleep Mode and Quick Start-Up, and resource-saving options like Automatic Duplexing, while maintaining your productivity.

You are on the go in this fast paced world, using a tablet, smartphone, laptop and more. Printing can be a challenge when you don’t know when and where you’ll need to print. Find out more about Ricoh’s cloud printing solution.

We buy thousands of used copiers and printers every day and we pay cash for your used copier and printers plus we take care of all the transportation expenses for you.